Our Core Values

  • It all Begins at Home

    We believe the sweetest moments of our lives happen in our homes. These experiences unite us, enrich our lives, and empower us to make a difference. We exist to frame and enhance those moments.

  • Do the Right Thing

    Our moral obligation to our customers is to make and source goods of excellent quality. We are committed to holding high principles for responsible manufacturing, customer experience, and business conduct.

  • Sharing is Love

    Our generosity doesn't stem from abundance but from being grateful and comprehending that sharing culminates in the joy of who we are. We resolve to look beyond ourselves and to others in need and give cheerfully to impact lives.

  • Delight and Inspire

    We don't settle for mere functionality but design aesthetically-pleasing goods to delight our customers with excitement and inspiration. Our ultimate consummation is for the customers to experience enjoyment with what we make and, in turn, inspire others.

  • Respect Others

    Do to others what you would have them do to you. We treat everyone with the same respect we all deserve regardless of our differences.

Our Palette

  • Oia

    Our Oia Blue color takes inspiration from Oia, a jewel at the cliff's edge, a coastal town on Santorini's northwestern tip with iconic photographic postcard blue and white architecture. Greece's military government, in power between 1967 - 1974, required all the island buildings to be painted blue and white. The colors showed patriotism, unification, and support for the country's political agenda at the time. Set the table with our Oia dinnerware, and you will escape into Oia's overwhelming beauty. Listen to the ocean’s rhythm with a rush of goosebumps from the cool breeze while observing the legendary sunsets - you'll be spellbound.

  • Jaipur

    Suppose royalty was coming to your home for a visit – you would probably overdo yourself fixing it up and staging it to perfection. In 1876, Prince Edward of Wales, was coming to visit and to prepare for his grand welcome, King Sawai Ram Singh painted the city of Jaipur pink, a color traditionally associated with hospitality. Jaipur is popularly known as the Pink City of India due to the dominant color scheme of its many buildings. Set the table with our Jaipur pink dinnerware, and you will be catapulted into the presence of royalty.

  • More Colors and Goods!

    More colors and goods will be coming soon. Sign up for our newsletter, and we will notify you of new product launches and exclusive offers.


Ombre Bowls

Deep versatile bowls to enjoy more of what you love.

Ombre Mugs

Ergonomic flat out gorgeous mugs. Drink in Style!

Side Plates

The perfect canvas to frame your food presentation.

Make Your Home A ModestHive . #OmbreDinnerware.


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