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General FAQ

  • How can I be the first to learn about new ModestHive products and promotions?

    Join our email list and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest to stay in the know.

  • How do I get 10% off my order?

    Signup for our newsletter, and receive a 10% promotional code via email. Use this promotion code during checkout.

  • How do I set up a registry?

    We are working on a registry solution and if you want us to notify you when it becomes available, please let us know via


  • Are your dinnerware products dishwasher safe?

    Yes, all our dinnerware products have a safety label, which will let you know if they are dishwasher safe. To check if a product is dishwasher safe, visit the CARE page.

  • Is your dinnerware durable?

    We make our dinnerware products out of porcelain because of its finer and denser clay properties. It is fired at very high temperatures of over 2,300°F, making it more durable than other ceramic products and highly resistant to chipping and scratching. Like any other ceramic product, they are still breakable, so take good care of your dinnerware.

  • Is your dinnerware Cadmium and Lead-Free?

    We use high quality natural raw materials, and our glazes are tested for lead and cadmium by accredited independent laboratories. They pass the strict California Proposition 65 requirements and meet all FDA standards regarding food contact safety.

  • Can I put my dinnerware in the oven?

    Because our porcelain dinnerware is fired at a temperature of over 2,300°F, it can withstand high temperatures in the oven. We recommend heating your oven up to 450 °F.

  • Are your products securely packaged for mail delivery?

    We know how frustrating it is to receive broken dinnerware. So we have taken on the challenge of packaging our products elegantly and securely to surpass the standard 3-foot drop test.

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