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We are looking to partner with creative storytellers using blogs, social media, and publications to reach out to their audience. Our ceramics are a natural fit in your daily communal home rituals and make it easy and fun to create content while cooking, eating, or setting the table. Join us as we pursue to enrich the moments in the lives of those who use our pottery. Please Apply below and we will approve your application as soon as we can.

The ModestHive affiliate program is started by applying for inclusion. Once you’ve been accepted, you will be able to generate referral tracking links in your account that you can share to incentivize your audience to make a purchase.

This program is intended for bloggers, influencers, content creators to help spread the word about ModestHive while earning money. Please note that you should never share coupon codes and/affiliate links on discounting or coupon code websites (ex., If this is found to have happened, you risk your affiliate account being suspended and not paid for affiliate revenue earned.

ModestHive reserves the right to make changes at any time to the commission structure and any programs offered. ModestHive also reserves the right to revoke access to the program to any affiliate.

After your account is approved, please log in to generate product links, and access banners to use in your publications.

By signing up, you give us permission to use your content featuring our products across our marketing channels online – We will give appropriate credit to the content creator.

Conversion action
Online purchase with a processed valid payment

Cookie days
30 days

Commission type
Percent of Sale

Base Commission

Payments issued after the close of the refund window: 30-40 days.

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