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    Ombre Starter Dinnerware Set – 12 Piece

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    Ombre Completer Dinnerware Set – 20 Piece

    $279.00 $310.00

  • ModestHive Oia Bowls

    These bowls are beautiful! The colors are vibrant, the packaging is protective and substantial. Having teens, I’m excited the bowls are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe! 

    -Karen G

    I like a nice snack on a proper plate rather than a mindless graze from a package. These gorgeous plates will satisfy my eyes while I satisfy my belly.

    -Melinda G

    Along with the gorgeous design, these bowls are the perfect size. We really like the shallow bowls because they can be used as individual bowls or as serving dishes for sides and dips

    ModestHive Jaipur Mugs

    These cute mugs are a great size and look adorable with the matching side plates!

    -Amanda G
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    I love this cup - it has a nice ergonomic handle that lets me drink my tea comfortably. Plus my kids love it for their hot cocoa. 🙂

    -Erin A

    Our bowls received so many compliments! The quality of our ombré deep bowls were top notch! I would definitely recommend this brand to my family and friends!

  • Ombre Mugs


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    Ombre Spacer Dinnerware Set – 12 Piece

    $162.00 $180.00

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    Ombre Rover Dinnerware Set – 12 Piece

    $169.00 $188.00